Sunday, November 18, 2007

Update On My Dad

Originally Posted on Sun, Nov 18 2007 @ 1:31 AM [EST]

Just another update on my dad.For those of you that don't know about what has been going on with my dad, he has been battling kidney failure and Leukemia. You can check out the follow post for more info:

Dad came home from the Rehabilitation Center on Thursday evening (11/15/07). He is back in his own apartment. He is doing much better and all his numbers are improving. It is still too early to tell if the Leukemia is going back into remission.

We've setup to have a nurse come in once a week to monitor him and to help setup his meds for the week and things like that. Home Health is also setting up for him to receive some more 'occupational therapy' to basically teach him how to do his day-to-day activities the most efficient way possible for his current physical condition. We are checking in to see about getting a care provider to come in a couple times a week to help him around the house. This will give me and my wife a little break during the week.

He has been having vision problems since he has gotten sick again. He is having problems seeing well enough to be able to read things like cooking instructions. My wife and I have been taking care of things like his shopping and fixing him meals, etc. We have also been taking him back and forth to dialysis three times a week, chemotherapy once a week and any other doctor appointments. My brothers both live about 20 minutes away so we have been handling most of the work load this time around. We've been working on a schedule with them so that they will be helping out on the weekends.

I really must say that my wife is amazing. She has been doing so much to help my dad. She helps take him to his appointments. She has taken over his finances. She helps with the shopping. She is absolutely amazing.

That is all for now. Be safe out there. -TTB


I don't know what to say but to tell you you are in my prayers and have my support..VM-out!
Comment By:VM on Sun, Nov 18 2007 @ 3:38 AM [EST]

It's good to hear that he is out of the hospital and back home. His health may not be the best right now but being at home can make a differance in recovery. When my dad was battling cancer he was in a much better state of mind when he was home. A positive outlook by your dad can do wonders toward recovery. The mind is a very powerful tool. I hope things get better and be sure to keep letting your wife know how much her help means to you and your family.
Comment By:Roadhzrd on Sun, Nov 18 2007 @ 9:19 AM [EST]

Thank you both. Your thoughts and prays are greatly appreciated. Be safe. -TTB
Comment By:Truckin Tedybehr on Sun, Nov 18 2007 @ 12:16 PM [EST]

send me an e-mail please!
Comment By:vm on Thu, Nov 22 2007 @ 5:17 AM [EST]

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