Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rant That Started Out About Immigration But Became About More

Originally Posted on Thu, Jul 31 2008 @ 10:55 AM [EST]

I was reading a thread over at titled they're everywhere, they're everywhere!!! regarding immigration.

It can be found here.

Below is a copy of my post that I thought I would share with anyone who reads this blog.

My opinion is plain and simple, if you want to come into ANY country, do it LEGALLY. Legally being the key word. I don't care where someone is from. I don't
care what color their skin is. I don't care what their religion is. I don't care what their sexual orientation is. I don't even care what country you are trying to get into. Just do it legally. Everyone one has their own reason for wanting to go into another country whether it be for vacation or to live but it should be handled legally. (Have I stressed legally enough yet. :D ) I do understand that there are a lot of countries that are WAY less fortunate than the United States but there are people suffering in pretty much every country on this planet including the United States, Canada, Britain, etc.

I am not one to normally talk about politics or religion except for with a few select people. I do have some pretty strong opinions about immigration; about religious
freedom; about poverty; about a lot of things. Are my opinions correct? Maybe not. Are my opinions the only correct ones? Absolutely not.

I'm not a "Left"; I'm not a "Right"; I'm not a "Conservative"; I'm not a "Liberal"; I'm
not a "Democrat"; I'm not a "Republican". I, my fellow PD'ers, am a person who happens to have been born in the United States of America, in North America, in the Northern Hemisphere on a planet we call Earth in a solar system in the Milky Way galaxy. I do believe that as long as this planet continues to divide itself into groups, whether it be countries, political parties, etc, we will continue to fight and suffer. No one country, no one religion, no one political party is going to change things. The only thing that will change things is "One Planet".

I may have just started a firestorm, but I feel it will be worth it if just one person will read what I've said and start an intelligent conversation about it with another person. (Intelligent being the key word here.) Do I make any apologies for what I've said? No I Don't! If you've made it this far, thank you for reading all of my rant.


I consider myself an equal opportunity racist. I dislike everybody. That way nobody will feel left out!!! I'm sure somebody will take offense to that remark and think I'm terrible for saying that. Well as my brother would say,"Joke "em if they can't take a f>?@!!" I agree that every man woman and child should be able to go where they want as long as it's done legally. I have met many interesting people over the years and I always enjoy hearing the stories about where they came from.If you ever start thinking how bad things are, just talk to somebody from another country. For many a weeks pay at a minimum wage job is more than they ever made in months back home.
Comment By: roadhzrd on Fri, Aug 01 2008 @ 6:40 PM [EST]

Your 'equal opportunity racist' comment reminded me of what a comedian said once, "Why should I hate you for the color of your skin? There are so many other reason I can hate you."
Comment By: Truckin Tedybehr on Mon, Aug 04 2008 @ 10:08 AM [EST]

I hate everyone too..I just want immigration done legally..I hate every skin color, nationality, and sex equally..So no one can call me a biggot..I really get bugged out when I have to be around a group of people..I just don't have it in me to be social..But then, when there is a party my wife notices I talk to everyone..Kind of a quandry eh?..VM-out!
Comment By: VM on Mon, Aug 11 2008 @ 4:16 AM [EST]

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