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Then The Lord Created The Truck Driver

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I found this on a friend's Myspace page. He found it on the Net and said I could share it.

Then The Lord Created The Truck Driver

When the Lord created Truck Drivers, he was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one."

And the Lord said, "Have you read the spec on this order?"

"A truck driver has to be able to drive 10-12 hours per day, through any type of weather, on any type of road, know the highway traffic laws of 48 states and 10 provinces, he has to be ready and able to unload 40,000 lbs of cargo after driving thru the night and sleep in areas of cities and towns that the police refuse to patrol."

"He has to be able to live in his truck 24 hours a day 7 days a week for weeks on end, offer first aid and motorist assistance to his fellow travelers, meet just in time schedules, and still maintain an even and controlled composure when all around him appear to have gone mad."

"He has to be in top physical condition at all times, running on black coffee and half-eaten meals; he has to have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of hands... no way."

It's not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord, "it's the three pairs of eyes a driver has to have." "That's on the standard model?" asked the angel. The Lord nodded. " One pair that sees the herd of deer in the thickets 3 miles away" "Another pair here in the side of his head for the blind spots that motorists love to hide in; and another pair of eyes here in front that can look reassuringly at the bleeding victim of a drunk driver that crashed into his bumper at 70 MPH and say, " ' You'll be all right ma'am,' when he knows it isn't so."

"Lord," said the angel, touching his sleeve, "rest and work on this tomorrow." "I can't," said the Lord, "I already have a model that can drive 650 miles without incident and can raise a family of five without ever seeing them, on 30 cents a mile."

The angel circled the model of the truck driver very slowly, "Can it think?" she asked.

"You bet," said the Lord. "It can tell you the elements of every HAZMAT load invented; recite Federal Motor Carrier Regulations rules and regulations in its sleep; deliver, pickup, be a father, offer timely advice to strangers, search for missing
children, defend a woman's or children's rights, get 8 hours of good rest on the street and raise a family of Law respecting citizens, without ever going home ... and still it keeps its sense of humor."

"This driver also has phenomenal personal control. He can deal with delivery and pickup areas created from scenes painted in hell, coax a lumper to actually work for his money, comfort an accident victim's family, and then read in the daily paper how truck drivers are nothing more than killers on wheels and have no respect for the
rights of others while using the nations highways."

Finally, the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek of the driver. "There's a leak," she pronounced. "I told you that you were trying to put too much into this model."

"That's not a leak," said the lord, "it's a tear." "What's the tear for?" asked the angel. "It's for bottled-up emotions, for fallen comrades, for commitment to that funny piece of cloth called the flag, for justice, for the family without its father."

"You're a genius," said the angel.

The Lord looked somber. "I didn't put it there."


Thats pretty cool..VM-out!
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Survived Ike

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I never thought I would have to worry about a hurricane while living in Ohio.

Well...we lost power at around 3:00 PM Sunday and when I say 'we' I mean most of Southwestern Ohio. Wilmington and several other cities were completely without power. We didn't get power back on at home until around noon today (Monday). Work was a whole different situation. We have two warehouse buildings at the DHL airpark. Building 3 (B3) has a generator and Building 4 (B4) does not. Of course I work in B4. Well we regained power in B4 around 10:30 AM today and but B3 was still on generator. We didn't have communications (inside or out) until about noon when Verizon connected a generator to the substation that controls the communications for the "Smart Park" telecom setup. Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. A lot of trees and power lines down.

Below is some information regarding the wind damage in the area.


Quick Bytes: Latest Wind Storm Updates
updated 6 minutes ago

CINCINNATI - So, here's the basic rundown of what happened Sunday and Monday:

  • About 928,000 homes and businesses lost power at some point during the wind storm. From Louisville to Columbus, that number is 1.5 million.
  • At 11 a.m., the number still without power was slightly over 600,000. (This
    number does not include 12,000 Owen Electric Coop customers)
  • Duke Energy says it may be a week before all power is restored.
  • All told, more than 90 percent of the company's customers lost power. This
    is the biggest outage in Duke Energy history. Check here for updates.
  • Some Duke Energy crews were en route to the Gulf Coast to assist in Hurricane Ike recovery. The company said it's trying to recall some crews, bring others from elsewhere and hire contractors.
  • Gov. Ted Strickland has issued a state of emergency for several southwest Ohio counties.
  • Officials in Fairfield warned residents to conserve and boil water after the power outage reduced the city?s clean water supply.
  • Officials in Hamilton urged residents to conserve water, and residents in the vicinity the Wasserman Road Elevated Tank are under a boil advisory. This includes the following subdivisions: Sterling Estates, Twinbrook, Cardome Hills, New London Hills and Britton Ridge.
  • People in Clinton County can get water at the main water plant on Lowes Drive.
  • People in the Southwest Regional Water district are asked to conserve water and remind people that if you have low or no water pressure, boil the water you get before consuming or cooking it.
  • Mason-area residents also asked to conserve water.
  • Same goes for Cincinnati and Hamilton County, especially the northeastern parts of the county.
  • reminder: Some people who have power now could lose it for a time because power crews sometimes have to take down one part of the grid to repair another part.
  • A woman in Mt. Healthy was killed when a tree fell on her home. Her name has not been released.
  • Two more people were killed when their motorcycle was hit by a falling tree in the Hueston Woods State Park. The pair, Stephanie Bobinger and her husband,
    Tom Bobinger, daughter and son-in-law of Fairfield Fire Chief Don Bennett, were riding as part of the Heroes Ride Bike Run.
  • The Associated Press said that a fourth person was killed by a falling tree in Ohio County, Ind., but had no further details.
  • A 10-year-old boy in Louisville was killed by a falling limb as he mowed grass.
  • Butler County remains under a level 1 emergency until further notice.
  • Clermont County officials declared a state of emergency on Monday afternoon.
  • Postal deliveries will be attempted, but officials said downed trees and power lines could temporarily prohibit carriers from making some deliveries. Nearly 60 post office brances remained without power by late Monday afternoon.
  • Metro says all buses are running, but some will have to make detours due to closed roads.
  • Rumpke will continue regular trash collection where possible.
  • Road obstructions may cause some delays in service, and a power outage closed the company's offices on Monday. For updated information about your neighborhood, click here.
  • Urban Active offered free usage of their shower facilities to anyone whose power or water service was interrupted.
  • Employees should call their workplace before going to work, as there's a decent chance it won't have power.
  • Many schools, including Cincinnati public schools, have closed for Tuesday.
    See the list here.
  • Lines formed at gas stations that still have power. One caller reported lines of cars outside a Sharonville station at Crescentville and Mosteller roads last night. At 8 a.m., a dozen cars were lined up for the pumps at the same station. Many stations are still closed Monday morning.
  • A man in Springboro was injured by a falling tree. No further information is available.
  • Kenton County and the city of Newport are under states of emergency.
  • Sharonville residents unable to stay in their homes can call 513-563-0252 to get shelter information.
  • Warren County--Four men hurt while trying to hold roof on Lemon Township mobile home. One seriously hurt.
  • Fire destroyed Elks Lodge in Cheviot, damaged Captain D's restaurant.
  • Fire damaged buildings near Findlay Market -- market sustained minor damage.
  • Fire damaged Grammer's in OTR.
  • Former News 5 photographer reported boats blown from moorings in rookville
    Lake, some sunk.
  • Dearborn County, Switzerland County under travel emergency.
  • Jewish Hospital reported several people being hurt while outside checking storm damage.


I was in that wind storm only about 8 ft in front of Tom & Steph. I have seen other blogs on here stating how dumb we were to be in that wind. With you being here in OH you know the 76 mph winds came out of nowhere. It has been almost 3 weeks since that unbelieveable day. I heard that CRACK & by the time I got my bike stopped Tom & Steph was gone. That huge 100 ft tree had swallowed them up. We were riding in the Hero's Ride. Tom & Steph are my hero's. They will live on forever within me. My thought, the good Lord only takes the good ones. Tom & Steph, we love you & Abby is being taken good care of.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 (2008)

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Well it is hard to believe that I've been doing this blog for a little over a year, but I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here just to remember that fateful day 7 years ago. Last year, I put things very simply and I think I will just repeat those words again this year.

My words will not do the meaning of today justice, so I will keep it short.

Remember those that lost their lives on this day. Remember those who gave their lives trying to save others. Show your thanks to all of your heros.




I remember where I was when I heard the news..I was at work when a guy told me two jets crashed into the WTC..Never Forget..VM-out!
Comment By: VM on Mon, Sep 15 2008 @ 3:40 AM [EST]

I was in bed asleep and I didn't hear until around noon. I worked 3rd shift and the wife and kids were watching the Disney channel. She changed it to the news at noon and ran in and woke me up saying we had been attacked. It was very weird going to work that night since I work at the Airborne Express airpark (now the DHL airpark) between the two runways. Not a plane in the sky. Very creepy.
Comment By: Truckin Tedybehr on Mon, Sep 15 2008 @ 6:37 PM [EST]


The forums at

Originally Posted on Thu, Sep 11 2008 @ 6:37 PM [EST]

Truckin Tedybehr says:
"Check out"

If you are a truck driver or interested in becoming one, check it out.

It is a new forum by truck drivers for truck drivers, but if you don't drive a truck, check it out anyway. You never know what you might learn. If you have a family member that drives, come on over and share your point of view.

Hope to see you over there.

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R.I.P. Jerry Reed

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Entertainer Jerry Reed dead at 71
By John Gerome

2:00 PM EDT, September 2, 2008


Jerry Reed, a singer who became a "good ol' boy" actor opposite Burt Reynolds in car chase movies like "Smoky and the Bandit," is dead at age 71, according to his longtime booking agent.

Carrie Moore-Reed, who is no relation to the star, says Reed died early Monday morning of complications from emphysema.

Reed was a gifted guitarist who later became a songwriter, singer and finally an actor.

As a singer in the 1970s and early 1980s, he had a string of hits that included "Amos Moses," ''When You're Hot, You're Hot," ''East Bound and Down," and "The Bird".

In the mid-1970s, he began acting in movies like "Smokey and the Bandit," ''Gator" ''Hot Stuff," ''High Ballin" (with Peter Fonda), "The Survivors" (with Walter Matthau), "BAT-21" (with Gene Hackman) and "W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings."

Copyright 2008 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


Thats from the "Golden Age" of trucking...When a sense of brotherhood existed..I still believe in it and practice it..He will be missed..Vm-out!
Comment By: VM on Sun, Sep 07 2008 @ 4:56 AM [EST]