Thursday, October 16, 2008

The James and Daddy's Million Friends Challenge on Myspace

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The James and Daddy's Million Friends Challenge on Myspace

James is a young boy with leukema. Him and his dad started up the challenge to get one million friends on their Myspace page. The quote below is from their page explaining the challenge.

If you are on Myspace, please go add them as a friend.

This is from their Myspace page:
Why the one million friends challenge I get asked the questions, Why 1 million friends? What will it achieve? on a regular basis so i thought i would try to explain. James and I used to come onto myspace to listen to music and look at the videos just before he was diagnosed and added a few friends. When James was diagnosed and we came to terms with the fact that his cancer and its treatment was going to take over our lives we needed a distraction and the "James and Daddy" page was born. I asked James if he thought we could get one hundred friends and then one thousand and the ten thousand. When we reached ten thousand friends i asked James to set the next target. James said ONE MILLION. We will gain nothing financially from this page but have gained friendship from people around the world and we have shared our story with you all and in return shared your stories. This page has helped us as a family deal with the tough times and share the good times. Now as a father i feel i have to achieve this challenge as i made a vow to James the day after he was born that i would never let him down and i would only make him a promise if i could keep it. So there you have it, the reason for the challenge and why i need you to help me get more friends. We have tried the celebrity route with minor success so all we can do is keep sending out the bulletins and searching out the profiles that have loads of
friends and big hearts.


Its a done deal...
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Thanks VM
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