Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally Got Moved (My Blog That Is)

Edit (01/02/09 @ 8:21 PM): Decided it was best to remove the names of the websites I originally included in this post...I don't need anyone getting some "legal bug" up their rumps and decide to sue me.

Well I finally got my blog moved.

The site I originally posted my blog to was....we'll just call it HB. The main problem with the site was there was no traffic. The last "Latest HP News" is dated 05/12/2005 so as you can tell, it appears the site is pretty well running on auto-pilot. I did meet a few good friends over there and I will be providing them with my new blog home shortly. If you read any of my older post that I migrated over here, you will notice that I included the original comments from those friends. I had to put them as part of the post.

I had checked out a truck driving oriented site (we'll call in TS) as a home for my blog. I made three post: 1) About me, 2) About my original blog site (HB) and 3) a news story relating to the trucking industry. After that third post, I get a message from the administrator stating that they had removed all the links in my first two post that referenced my old blog (or any external site). In addition to this, the administrator moved my third post to the forums. This was all done with out any advance notice to me. Now, I don't know about you but I don't like someone coming in and making changes to my blog. You don't have to agree with it or like something I put in it, but I'll be d@mned if anyone is going to come in an change it.

I also received notification last week that TS has merged with another site. I have nothing against this other site, but I don't feel like chancing the issues that could come along with the merger.

So, with deciding to move my blog; Looking around for a new blog home; The issues at TS; Worrying about the economy; Being busy at work; And a bunch of other excuses that I'm sure I could think up, you can see why there has been such a gap in my post.

I've met (virtually that is) a lot of good people here on BlogSpot and I hope I'm able to meet a lot more. Feel free to leave me a comment or ask a question. If you prefer, you can e-mail me: truckin.tedybehr (at) gmail (dot) com.

Until next time. -TTB