Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jason's Law

Help support 'Jason's Law' by signing the iPetition.

Jason's Law

The Petition
Jason Rivenburg (35) was shot and killed in his truck in South Carolina on March 5,2009 in an abandoned gas station that was frequently used as a rest area. From our tragic loss we are hoping to create and pass "Jason's Law." The purpose of Jason's Law is to provide secure areas along our nation's highways for truck drivers to rest
and/or wait to unload their trucks. Please help us to bring this issue to the attention of our legislators so that we may save another family from enduring such pain. Jason leaves behind his son,(2) his wife,and soon to be delivered twins.

We the undersigned,are requesting that the U.S. Government enact legislation that will protect truck drivers within the United States. We are requesting that truck stops be required to have adequate lighting and cameras and businesses be required to provide a secure common area for them to wait to unload.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rozzi Fireworks - 04/24/10 - Clinton County Fairgrounds Wilmington, Ohio

(Sorry for the quality...this was off of my cellphone.)

Rozzi Fireworks was having a 'Shooter School' training people in fireworks at the Clinton County Fairgrounds. I didn't know they were going to be putting on a show. We heard them going off so we drove over to the fairgrounds and found out they were going to be doing a larger show in a few minutes. This is the last ten minutes of the larger show. Wait for the finale...WOW!!!

3 y/o Drummer - Howard drum show!!!

Little Howard Wong is 3 years old when this was taped. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!